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I have 1 dog and 4 Cats. I come from Netherlands  . I'm a woman and I use username Monipen. I have been a member since December 2, 2008. Visiting time: 11 days ago

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I'm half Swedish half Costa Rican, but I live in the Netherlands. I absolutely love pets, all kinds of animals. Rayita was my first cat, when I grew up. Then I had Priny for only a very short while with me. Now I have two cats: Minna and Djinty. When growing up my grandfather had this dog, Tessie. I loved her. I would really like to have a dog as well, but my husband says no. He thinks we wouldn't have the time for it and because we live in a small apartment in the city, he says. Well, who knows, maybe one day... I hope I will be able to have pets around me for always, in actual fact I'm supposed to be allergic to cats (according to a skin test taken by a dermatologist) and to dogs. I do know that I am allergic to certain dogs ( I've got the symptoms: coughing and asthma to prove it), but I know that not all dogs. So if I'd ever go for a dog it would have to be a hypoallergenic one, like a poodle or a Yorkshire Terrier. By the way Binkie and Gyata do not belong to us. Binkie is my sis-in-law's and Gyata belongs to a good friend of mine.

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