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I have 1 cat. I come from Canada  . My birthday is November 5. I'm a woman and I use username marcatmm. I have been a member since January 18, 2008. Languages I speak:  English,  Español,  Français. Visiting time: 5 hours ago

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Hi! My name is Marsha. I'm so fortunate to have shared the beginning of my time on UC with Sunny and Angie, two precious seniors adopted from a shelter. They brought me joy every minute of the day with their sweet and quiet ways. Now I'm delighted to have welcomed lovely little Bitbit, another shelter kitty, into my heart and home. Also, I've created a profile in honour of my beloved dog, Tuffy, who shared my life long before I discovered the joy of cats. Friend requests to Bitbit, Sunny, Angie and Tuffy will be accepted with pleasure from both living cats and dogs and those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Since I'm a moderator on the site, please catmail me if you have any questions or concerns and I'll be very happy to help in any way I can.

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