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I have 1 dog and 1 cat. I come from United Kingdom  . My birthday is May 23. I'm a woman and I use username marketa. I have been a member since February 1, 2008. Languages I speak:  English,  Français,  Nederlands. Visiting time: 2 days ago

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 I am United Dogs moderator

And to know me a bit more

I am a research scientist living and working in London. I work and live for my cats - well that's at least what they think.

I love all animals and have had dogs in the past. In London though, it is easier to have cats, although there is nothing easy about having them and providing them the standard of living that they have grown accustomed to :)

For those who wonder why I occasionally switch languages - I was born in Prague (CZ), lived in the US and then a long time in Holland and now I live in the UK, while my mother lives in France.

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