Hi friends. Tuesday evening I was a bad doggie. Trouble just seemed to be following me. First my dinner was not so good. The family had crab cakes and I didn't get any cause they say crab can make doggies sick. So all I got was my kibbles Grammy put ketchup on some cause I like um that way sometimes, than I got some baked tater, and broccoli and strawberry, that was it. Than after dinner I chased the cats. Than I gots real quite. Grammy noticed the cord to the tower fan was hanging in the hall and she didn't want anyone to trip on it, so she checked it and guess what? It was in pieces. Who do you think got blamed for it? Yep it was me. Than I went in Meowmy's room and got her brand new shoes out and took it in the kitchen. Well she saw me walk pass the computor room and shouted Remi. I dropped the shoe cause I knowed I was in trouble again. She told me I know not to go in her room. Well do you think that was going to stop me! So I tried to get something else from her room but she saw me. Grammy said, just puts him in his crate for some time out. Oh No! I got puts in my crate and I started to wine a little, not much cause I knowed I was in deep troubles. I had to stay in my crate for 15 minutes. Than Pappy took me out and we went outside to run around and potty. When I came in They asked me if I was going to be good and I said I'll try. So I gots in bed with Grammy.

I hopes you all had a great evening with your families, cause mine was not so good. Sad Puppy Dog eyes.


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