I was Mātīte Labradors – retrīvers, Black, my owner was  and I am from United States, Burkburnett TX . I joined United Dogs on februāris 20, 2016.

  Datums: 01.11.02 - 25.11.17

My birthday is novembris 1, 2002.

I was Nedēļas Suns:
janvāris 7, 2019 -
janvāris 13, 2019
oktobris 9, 2017 -
oktobris 15, 2017
marts 13, 2017 -
marts 19, 2017
marts 14, 2016 -
marts 20, 2016

We have a very special angel that has been called down from the Heavens to be our English queen this week, dear Angel Abbie!

Are you happy to be queen this week, sweet angel?

How do you hope to celebrate your royal week?

Thank you for the honor.  Mommy says she will shower me with kisses and hugs.  She says she misses me so much.  

You received your wings on November 25, 2017.  Do you like being an angel?

Can you tell us what it is like at the Rainbow Bridge?

At least I am not in bad heath anymore.  I get to see all the other angels in our family and my friends who have gone to the bridge.

Abbie wearing her St Patrick's necklace

You lived to be 15 years old, so a nice long life.  Of course, never long enough.

Can you tell us about yourself and what kind of character and personality you had?

Mommy says I was a sweet girl. She misses me so much. 

How did you come to live in your nice home?  

After Maggie died, one of mommy friend's gave me to her. I was 3 months old.

What made you a special girl, and your family misses the most about you?

Mommy says that I was I was a lovable girl and that she misses my kisses. 

If you could come back to earth for just one day, what would you like to do?

I would love to take a walk with mommy. I used to love walking around the duck pond.

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In your home, did you have any doggie housemates, and if so, how did you get along with them?

When I joined the family, Charlie was already there. I quickly took over the Alpha Slot. We got along ok. About an year later Toto joined the family.   Toto and I were best pals. After Charlie passed, mommy adopted Star from her brother  I had to remind her who was boss.

My new winter coat

At the Rainbow Bridge, everyone is young and happy.  There is only joy and contentment.

On earth, what were some of your favorite things?

Was there anything you didn't like?

I loved walking, my favorite place was around the duck pond. I love being with mommy.  I really did not dislike anything.

If you could send a message to your family here on earth, what would you like to say to them?

I love and miss you. 

Abbie wearing her St Patrick's necklace

For us on earth, we treasure the memories we have of you angels, to keep you always near.

What is a fond memory your family has of you?

I was a happy dog and I enjoyed life.

Image result for angel gif

What three things do you wish for all of us here on earth?

Love, peace, and happiness. 

What five words best describe you?

Happy, friendly, sweet, lovable, and loyal


Thank you sweet angel for visiting us this week and letting us get to know you.  Anything else you would like to say to all your friends?

Let's give a warm welcome to our sweet angelic English royalty this week...


Thank you for the honor.


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Čestitke medeni anđelić Abbie !!!


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Congratulations sweet Queen Angel AbbieX

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Slikovni rezultat za picmix congratulations

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Congratulations X X X

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Thank you for all the comments. Love you.

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lovely interview Abbie. I'm glad you are happy and that you also miss your mom. We never forget our furbabies

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CONGRATULATIONS sweet angel Queen! X

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IMG 7 Images of Congratulations with Phrases and Messages!

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Thank you for the honor

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Happy Week Sweet Angel Queen

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