Hi friends. Today has been one beautiful day here in Maryland. The temps went up into the 70's. It was a great Saturday to be outside. Well I thought I would try to do it on my own and when Grammy went to take a box outside I just went right along with her. She called me, but I didn't hear her. BOL! I started to go into the garage as Pappy had the big door open, but than I saw Pappy at the mulch pile and ran over to him. Well when he gots me he took me back to Grammy and she Paddled my butt and told me I was a bad dog. We don't got outside with out our harness and leash. So I had to go in and gets my outfit on. Than they puts a outfit on Vegas and we bothe gots to go outside together. What Fun that was. But I didn't think it was fair for her to gets to take a walk all over my backyard. Well we gots to stay outside for a while. I loves the outside, but I has to see my family outside too, or I will bark my little head off. BOL! Has a great day everyones. X X

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